VMware 2 virtualbox notes

You have a vmware machine with disk split into 2Gb entries (Machine.vmdk, Machine-s001.vmdk …).

Copy it to a different folder and create a new Virtualbox machine and use that disk directly. (worked fine for me)

To increase the size of it:

  1. Shutdown the machine & back it up.
  2. Convert to vdi: “VBoxManage clonehd Machine.vmdk Machine.vdi –format VDI”
  3. Resize hd: “VBoxManage modifyhd Ubuntu.vdi –resize 20000” (hd will be 20Gb)
  4. Download Gparted live cd
  5. Change settings for your machine. For IDE storage choose liveCD, for SATA storage change the image to your new VDI file
  6. boot up livecd
  7. If your swap partition is between your main partition and the unallocated space, resize the logical partition around swap to fill the whole space, then move the swap partition to the end of it, then resize the logical back around swap, but now in the end of unallocated space, allocate the rest to the main partition.
  8. Start your machine.

Oh and if you have troubles accessing your shared folders from within your Machine if it runs Ubuntu, then make sure your user is in the vboxsf group.

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